Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fundraising Yard Sale

We had our fundraising yard sale today. I didn't know what to expect but I think it went well. We had 1/2 a garage full of our own items and then a few friends/family members donated several things so it was a decent sale. We raised more than I expected and it's all going into our adoption savings account.

Our final home study is coming up next week and our profile will be ready as soon as I can get it completed, ok'd by the social worker, and then ordered. Danny still has to go to the doctor (why is it more difficult for men to go to the doctor's office? I guess it's due to work-who would want to go spend money at the dr. rather than making it at work?). My finger prints still have not been ok'd, just waiting on them to be verified or to receive a letter and chance to get them redone. These are the last steps as far as I know, I'm sure once we're finished with these last few things we'll receive a new list of hoops to jump through :) We will be patient and grateful through this whole process knowing that the outcome will be well worth the time, money, and effort. We know that God is control and all things will work out in His time (knowing this makes things a bit less stressful).

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