Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quilts for Sale

Our yard sale was successful. We raised a decent amount of money thanks to the help of my sister, my mother-in-law, and some friends.

Our last home study is next week (the final home study fee will be due then). Then, once our profiles are ordered and brought to the social worker, a fee will be due for those as well so every little bit of extra income is great. I am working on some quilts for family members but will resume making baby/toddler quilts to sale as soon as those are complete. 

My mother-in-law and her sisters are working on a beautiful king size quilt that will be for sale once it's completed. If you or someone you knows likes handmade quilts, let me know and hopefully we can sell it to bring in some extra money for the adoption.

King Size Handmade Quilt for Sale to Raise Money for Our Adoption

My mother-in-law and her sisters working on the quilt that they are donating for our adoption

This is the material for the Auburn baby/toddler quilt I will make

This is the material for the Alabama baby/toddler quilt I will make

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fundraising Yard Sale

We had our fundraising yard sale today. I didn't know what to expect but I think it went well. We had 1/2 a garage full of our own items and then a few friends/family members donated several things so it was a decent sale. We raised more than I expected and it's all going into our adoption savings account.

Our final home study is coming up next week and our profile will be ready as soon as I can get it completed, ok'd by the social worker, and then ordered. Danny still has to go to the doctor (why is it more difficult for men to go to the doctor's office? I guess it's due to work-who would want to go spend money at the dr. rather than making it at work?). My finger prints still have not been ok'd, just waiting on them to be verified or to receive a letter and chance to get them redone. These are the last steps as far as I know, I'm sure once we're finished with these last few things we'll receive a new list of hoops to jump through :) We will be patient and grateful through this whole process knowing that the outcome will be well worth the time, money, and effort. We know that God is control and all things will work out in His time (knowing this makes things a bit less stressful).

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We have one more home study to go. In the mean time, we have finished our questionnaires, have set up doctors appts, and are almost finished with our profile (waiting on  some pics to come in from S.Allums Photography-who by the way did a great job). I still haven't heard anything about my fingerprints...we're waiting on them to send a letter explaining what I should do next. I don't think we can be put on the "waiting list" until my prints have come back. Other than that, things are moving along with no problems.

I know that if this is God's will, He will provide a way. We are having a yard sale March 24th so hopefully we are able to bring in a little bit of extra money. I've sold a couple of hand-made quilts so I plan on making a few more of those [Alabama & Auburn-it will be interesting to see which one sells first :)].

(One of the quilts I sold)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Our 4th Home Study

We had our 4th home study with our social worker today. Today's meeting was all about our parenting skills. We talked about our children's personalities, our disciplining methods, and our views of our roles as parents. The meeting was fairly quick since we have children and are already "used" to parenting. 

We have one more home study to go. We thought we'd be able to get this one done with today's but we had some paperwork that needs to be turned in first. Since we are open to adopting a child of a different race, we have to do some biracial/trans-racial exercises and discussion questions. Some of the questions we have to answer seem a bit odd to me but I guess they just want to get us thinking and sure that we are ready for any questions or comments that come our way if we adopt someone outside of our race...We have to attend a gathering where we would be the minority and write down how we feel and if we were treated differently or felt differently, etc... We'll do whatever seemingly-silly things it takes to get on the waiting list. 

I started working on our profile tonight-this is a small book of pictures and information about our family that the birth-mothers will see and choose families from. Are 20 pages too much or not enough? I'm still waiting on my fingerprints to be processed for my background check. I hope it clears soon, our social worker can't move forward until it does. So, if my calculations are correct, we have one home study, a couple of doctor's visits and my background check to come back and then we are ready to WAIT. I have heard of adoptions being completed in 2 months and I have heard of some taking 5 years, so I don't know what to expect but either way we are excited to be able to add to our family by caring for an orphaned child.