Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quilts for Sale

Next weekend, we are having our pictures taken by a photographer. We haven't had a family picture since before Cady was born (exept for the ones taken by Mr. Tripod, which always seem to be unlevel). Normally, I take all of our pictures but decided I'd let someone who knows what they are doing take a few of all of us [she and her husband are also adopting (for the second time), so it's a neat connection]. Hopefully, we'll get some good pictures to put in our profile.

As we wait for our next home study (which should be in the next week or two), I am trying to think of creative ways to make a little extra money. I've made quilts for my kids since they were born and every now & then make them for family/friends so I am going to make a few and see if I can sell them. I've set up an account on Etsy and if they sell, the money will go towards the adoption; if they don't, I'll find someone who can use them.