Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Little Detour?

Danny & I have to wait a little while until we finalize an adoption because we just found out that I am pregnant. We were so close to being in the final stages of adopting so we are naturally a little disappointed but at the same time are excited about having another child. We do plan on adopting in the near future after the health of the baby & I are stable (and let's be realistic, when we know finances are back to how they should be). I have to take a new medicine that is not harmful to the baby and it is surprisingly expensive (even the generic form that I was so excited to hear was available now)! I am nervous about having a "high risk" pregnancy but my trust is in the Lord. Whatever happens, we know that God works all things for our good and ultimately/more importantly for His glory.

Thank you for supporting us through the adoption process and we will update periodically to let you know when we are back on track to adopt :)

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