Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Adoption App

We finally completed and mailed our adoption application today. I know it seems silly but I couldn't help but wonder if our answers were good enough. I felt like we were filling out a job application...choose us, we're great! Lifeline is a Christian organization so they asked for some doctrinal background and individual testimonials. I typically don't like testimonials because they seem ME centered (unlike this blog, right?) so I wasn't exactly loving the idea of having to type one up but it was a good exercise in reminding us of what God has done in our lives. I will say that as I typed a sentence, I deleted two; it was frustrating trying to tell "my" story that really isn't about me. I didn't chose God, He chose me; He made me a new creation. Gage, however, liked the idea; he's started to type his own testimonial. I have yet to see the finished product but am looking forward to reading it. We're trying to keep the kids as involved in this process as possible. We're going to make an "adoption savings" box. If Cady has her way, and let's face it she probably will, there will be lots of glitter and stickers on said box. Assuming that our application is approved, I think the next step is a background check which can take a couple of months to complete. If Danny's criminal past stays hidden, we'll be one step closer...just kidding in case this blog is a part of the background check...